An Honest Man

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I heard Billye Brim say the other day that “you may not agree with everyone.  But if you are an honest man, when someone says something you disagree with it’ll drive you to the Word.  If you find out that you were wrong and change your thinking then you are the better for it.  If you go to the Word and find out that you were right then you have been strengthened.  But either way always go to the Word!!”

In Romans 4, Paul says that before the law sin was in the world, but where there is no law sin isn’t imputed against man.  What does that mean?  Man sinned but God didn’t charge it to his account?  Yep! That’s exactly what that means.

Take Abraham for example.  He twice lied and gave his wife to a king because he was scared the king was gonna kill him!! That doesn’t sound very sinless of him does it? Yet never do we see God rebuking him or punishing him.  On the contrary, God protected him and then caused the kings to bless Abraham.  That sure doesn’t fit in with “religion” does it.  Why?  Because there wasn’t any law (10 Commandments) or any law at that time.  The covenant between God and Abraham was all on God to perform not Abraham. and all because Abraham literally believed what God said.  It wasn’t based on how “good” Abraham was at all.  No conditions put on Abraham.  Go back and read it.  Look to see if the covenant between God and Abraham was conditional.   Also, only God passed between the two halves of the animal.  That meant God was the only one obligated to “do” anything.

We know that Jesus fulfilled the law for us. And He redeemed us from the curse of the law.  We have therefore died with Christ and then we were raised again and are now seated with him in heavenly places.   Without bloodshed there is no forgiveness of sins.  So if the blood offered by Christ 2000 years ago, “once and for all sins” didn’t cover or forgive any future sin of the believer then nothing will.  Jesus is not going to shed more blood and blood is the only thing that gets forgiveness of sins. The blood He has offered covered past, present and future sins.

If God were to punish Jesus for your sins and then punish you for those same sins He would not be righteous.  In the Psalms 32:1&2 David saw and prophesied about our day.  He said two separate things:

1) Blessed is the man in whose iniquities are forgiven and whose sins are covered. (while he was under the law he committed sin.  So by the blood of Christ they are forgiven and covered.)
2) Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin. (1st John 3:4 defines sin. Now that the law is fulfilled no more law, no sin inputed)

Jesus said, “not one jot or tittle will pass from the law till all be fulfilled.”  Did Jesus fulfill the Law?
People who receive or believe rather (because unbelief is disobedience Heb 3:16-19) what Jesus did for them, has in Gods eyes, already had that debt of death paid for by His Son. And in Gods eyes he will never be angry with us again.  Now the law is fulfilled and they are no longer under it.  Where there is no law there is no sin.  Period.  Sin is transgression of the law!  That’s why the bible says sin now has no dominion over you.

If Jesus blood didn’t cover all sins, His blood wasn’t really any better than the blood of bulls and rams.

Did you know that that sounds almost too good to be true!   Do some research on the word “Gospel” in the Greek.  That word is such an extraordinary word.  It is such a special word it was rarely used.  Before the bible time there isn’t other written account of that word being used.  The Gospel means more than “good news”  it means more like “To good to be true news”.  Greek is very exact and expressive.  They didn’t use words carelessly.

“Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (John the Baptist in John 1:29).

I know this has gotten long but it is something God confirmed in my heart fairly recently as well, and it makes the whole bible “make sense”.

Here is a link to a short video of a very anointed man of God.  God used him to share this very truth with my wife and I.  Joseph Prince is his name.

Now, when you read I John 3: 4-9 it makes a whole lot more sense!  Jesus is in the Father, The Father is in Him, He is in us, and we are in Him.  In Him there is no sin!  The Holy Spirit is talking to you right there in I John 4:9  Whoever! Are you born-again?  Then you are in included in “whoever” and you cannot sin.  Not because you are “perfect” but because sin is no longer imputed to you.  You are no longer under the law so you are blameless.  The law no longer applies to you once you have believed and are under the covenant of Grace, the New Covenant.

Anti-Grace preachers want to bring you under condemnation and control by fear.  Doesn’t thinking that maybe you can lose your salvation bring fear into your heart? It always did mine. And if that were true, then why doesn’t the bible clearly state that you can lose your salvation and how?
The religion of Assembly of God believes you can lose salvation but not all charismatic’s do.
You are blessed!

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