New car in the driveway

November 7, 2010 at 9:20 pm Leave a comment

Went and bought a ’95 Land Rover Discovery last weekend. Yeah yeah, I’ve heard the horror stories about the electrical demons and I still bought one. The price was right and I have the time and ability to work on it.

The 2-hour trip home was pretty much uneventful. One episode of the ABS mysteriously kicking-in at a 4-way stop and another of the engine temp creeping up while driving slow.

The day after arriving home I knew we had a problem with engine temp. The fan clutch was very week and every time we stopped the engine temp went up. A quick look at craigslist and a phone call to Nigel and we located a used clutch just a few miles up the road. Cooling problem solved!

Yesterday, being the good husband that I am, I took the Disco to fill it up with gas so Dee would enough gas for the work week. Gas tank full, key in ignition, engine running and …. couldn’t get the tranny out of ‘Park’. What? Tried and tried. Turned the motor off, then back on numerous times. Still no go. Then, after 15 minutes, it slipped into gear just as suddenly as it stopped working.

Land Rover, not just a vehicle, an adventure.


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