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What is God’s Will?

I came across this blog by Pam and read her link to John Piper.  It started me thinking how it could be better illustrated using Mark 12.  Here is what I wrote to Pam.

I will try to shed a some light on what Piper refers to as paradoxical, the apparent 2 Wills of God.

As you know, the Will of God is revealed in His word. It is the Will of God that all be saved (1 Tim 2:4 & 2 Peter 3:9) and yet we know that most will not be saved. So why doesn’t an All Mighty, All Knowing, All Seeing God get His way (Will)?

Jesus explains it in his parable of the evil vinedresser in Mark 12. In this familiar story the landowner builds a beautiful vineyard. leases it to a farmer (vinedresser) and then leaves for a far country. Then the story talks about how the owner at harvest time sends a servant to receive some of the fruit and how they beat him and eventually when the owner sends his son to collect they killed him. Then what will the owner of the vineyard do? He will come and destroy the evil farmer.

A more modern example could be put like this. You own a piece of property and know that you will be gone for a significant period of time. So, you lease it to an acquaintance for 5 years and then leave the country. While you are gone the renters paint the house with pink and blue stripes, inside and out. In addition they cut the trees down and ruin the landscaping. You hear of these things happening, but the terms of this particular lease have not been broken and you are powerless to stop the carnage. What will you do when the 5 years are up? You’re gonna kick them out for sure.

It wasn’t the owners ‘will’ that the bad things happened but they had given-up control (leased) and could not stop the destruction until the lease was up. Another good example of this is the movie “Pacific Heights” with Michale Keaton being the evil tenant.

The point I’m trying to make here is that when in Gen 1:28 God gave dominion on earth to Adam He in actuality granted an ‘earth lease’ to him. (This was illustrated by Jesus in the above example)Then, when he ate of the forbidden fruit, Adam transfered the rights of the ‘earth lease’ over to satan who then became ruler of this world. At that point Jesus had to come down to earth as a man, live a sin-free life and then claim the earth lease back for mankind. He did not do this as God, but as a man, the second Adam.

When God gave dominion to Adam he made Adam ruler of this world. God gave Adam free-will, his earth to do with as he pleased. God could not cancel the lease (go back on his Word) just because Adam relinquished it to satan. God will not violate His Word. Man was not capable of living a sin-free life once his flesh became carnal, but Jesus, the second Adam, came here and redeemed us. Jesus purchased the earth lease back by his perfect life, death and resurrection.

We have now been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. We have been restored to our proper dominion here on earth. “It is finished”. Jesus’ work on the cross was a complete work. It was an over-payment! The devil has already been defeated. By his stripes we were healed. He has given us power over poverty, sickness and even death, we have dominion as Adam did.

Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge…)

So, to revert back to the example that Piper used, a child who is abused. Was it God’s Will? Of course not. Could God do anything about it? Not without violating His Word (the earth lease). For now, man has dominion on earth and until the earth lease is up it is up to man to right these wrongs, exercise our dominion. When the earth lease is up God will return and wreck His vengence on the evil vinedresser.



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The more things change the more ……..

they stay the same.

For more than a year now we have been looking for a church that we can call ‘home’.

For a short period of time we attended a large Baptist Church but they began teaching our children that the Holy Spirit doesn’t move or heal today and that it died out with the Apostles.  So we then moved to a non denominational church in Olathe and while they had spirit it wasn’t the Spirit we were looking for.  They brought the “anointing” of Todd Bentley back from Florida and even after a one-on-one meeting with the pastor they refused to see the heresy and demonic spirit in Bentley.   Time has shown that the Spirit guided us in this as Bentley has since been shown to be a fraud and charlatan.   Unfortunately it shouldn’t take time to see what was evident.  For instance,  it is so clearly forbidden in the Word to astral project and talk with dead people.

So we moved on to another “nonnie” in Overland Park.  The pastor took a personal interest in us and denounced Bently and IHOP teachings.  “GREAT!” we thought to ourselves.  But soon disturbing things began to pop up.  Dee went to her first womens bible study.  Did they study the bible?  Not at all.  The conversation was dominated by talk of Todd Bently and the Kansas City Prophets.   We consoled outselves with the assurance that the pastor didn’t believe or teach heresy.  Then I attended a Rick Snow conference at the church.  I couldn’t even stay to the end of the morning session.  He was speaking so much doom and gloom and sin that I knew he was not of God.  Dee tried to attend a couple more womens bible studies, each was the same.  Todd Bentley and Prophets.  Everything was hyper-spiritual.  If your cat sneezes it is God speaking to you, you better listen!!.  Hogwash!

Now, for a month, our church has been preparing us for Dick Iverson.  I had heard the pastor speak of him before but hadn’t paid much attention.  Now I have done some research and am greatly concerned.  Iverson is considered an Apostle.  That’s right.  Right up there with Paul and Peter.  God speaks to him and he, Iverson, brings the teachings to pastors and church leaders.  What happened to I Corinthians 4:9?  I have Christ in me!  I don’t need an “Apostle” or “Prophet” to tell me what is right or wrong.   Apostle tells us what is on the heart of God at that very moment.  They have authority above scripture as they are current truth from God.  You can’t question the apostle because you just aren’t tuned into what God is doing.  You are then considered the apostate.

1 Cor. 4:6  “You may learn in us not to think beyond what is written. ”  The Apostle Paul.

Must go to work, more to follow.  We are now looking again for a Bible believing church.  One that wouldn’t kick the Apostle Paul out!  lol


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Lies taught in church every week

If salvation depends on us at all then it won’t work. It only works when we leave it ALL to Jesus. No works on our part.

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As He is, so are we

I John 4:17 “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.”
And how is HE? He is sitting sinless at the right-hand of God. So are we! It doesn’t say we should try to become or should become, it says WE ARE!

As Christ is sinless, so are we. Will he sin again? Neither will we. Once we have accepted his free gift and been born again we are given his sinless Spirit and sin is no longer inputed to us. Ask yourself, is Jesus accepted before God? OF COURSE!
Never doubt if you are accepted before God, because “as he is, so are we”


Randy & Dee

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If it weren’t for Grace…

This morning (like every other morning) I have 4 boys to get ready or see to it they get ready and get off to school. This morning for some reason I just felt overwhelmed. I have three teenagers and an 8 year old. The three teenagers’ rooms were a mess. Laundry I washed and folded and gave to them to put away (laundry is the bane of my existence) was thrown here and there. Candy wrappers, trash and anything else that they touch just tossed where it may land. I don’t even want to get started on their bathrooms, eeek! Meanwhile, my husband is starting to put together a Social Studies Poster our 8 year old has to turn it today! (our fault we put it off) The combo of the pressure of the school assignment and messy rooms, kids taking their sweet time to get ready for school and their attitude that I’m completely out of my mind because I’m upset about the situation drives me over the edge!!

Of course my emotions take control. “These kids are doing this just to hurt me”, or “they don’t love me or appreciate me or they wouldn’t do it” are the thoughts that are running thru my mind. So like any soundly saved, radically transformed Christian Woman with a full grasp of GODs Grace I…. FREAK OUT! lol My poor kids, boys mind you, don’t see it coming. They get their rooms somewhat picked up and “escape” to school. My sweet 8 year old on the other hand is still stuck here with me for another hour. With my husband off to work and the High School boys off to school it’s just the 8 year old and I (poor guy). The cherry on top was he lost his glasses. lol (still haven’t found them)

After I cry and stress; ask him why he doesn’t take care of his things. Tell him since he leaves his Gamecube out I’m going to throw it away (which makes him cry), I finally get him to school. Before I let him out I already hear the Holy Spirit saying, “Nice fit you threw this morning”. “Man, I blew it again” is what I think. I took a moment to tell my 8 year old how much I love him and apologize for being so upset. I reassure him I’m not throwing his Gamecube away (which makes him smile) and send him off to school. I then begin to talk to my Father on the way home.

Now, this isn’t much different than how I have acted with my children in the past except that it definitely happens a lot less. Oh and one other difference, since the Lord has transformed my life… No condemnation! He picks me up and dusts me off and says, Ok baby girl try again and I love you. Man! The power in that. I’ve been a Christian since I was 8 years old. I’ve continuously been in and out of relationship with him since that time, well up until the time the Lord revealed the Gospel, the true Gospel to me. The thing about condemnation, self condemnation, is it keeps you out of relationship with anyone. Especially GOD. Once I would mess up I felt like now I’ve got to make up to GOD for the mistake, the error, the sin what ever label it was given. So I would pray ask for his forgiveness and think: Was I sincere enough in my heart when I asked that. I mean I knew what I was doing when I had sinned so how could I truly be sincere enough. the nagging thought always hounding me, did he forgive me or am I still out of fellowship with him? Am I deceiving myself to think he’s going to keep forgiving me when I’ve probably done (whatever the sin might be) I’m sure at least 100 times in the last 10 years!

Folks that feeling is condemnation! And it’s a powerful tool the devil uses to keep us doubting GODs love for us and steal our joy. Jesus, on the cross, already died for that sin before I even committed it. He also already forgot it. That’s GODs Grace!! So when I mess up I’m not condemned I’m forgiven! The knowledge of that allows me to make right with my family and know that I’m still in fellowship with my Father and no bondage to fear! I am so thankful for what Jesus did on the cross and for the revelation of the truth about it! The fact I used to think I had to keep getting forgiveness and the condemnation I felt was the reason I kept falling in and out of relationship with Him. I now realize that condemnation was placed on me by me and was because I didn’t understand the truth of the Gospel message.

Therefore let it be known to your brethren, that through this Man (Jesus) is preached to you the forgiveness of sins; and by Him everyone who believes is justified from ALL things from which you couldn’t be justified by the law of Moses Acts 13: 38-39

I love you Lord! Thank you for your finished work on the cross!


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