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I’m leaving Babylon!

On Friday October 3rd,  my husband and I attended Word of Life Church in St. Joseph Missouri.   Brian Zahnd is the Sr. Pastor and has been the only Sr. Pastor since the inception of the church 27 years ago.   Eric Stark is the Worship Pastor.  He is the most amazing and talented worship leader I have had the privilege to ever see.   I always say that the “world” has Elton John and the Kingdom of God has Eric Stark and we got the better of the deal!

On Friday night the worship team did an incredible rendition of “All Along The Watchtower” by Bob Dylan.   It was a dramatic way to teach the passage’s in Isaiah 21.

Below is the link to a audio of the service.  It’ll take you to the archive of all of WOLC audios of their services.  Go to the Oct 3rd link: “The door of hope in time of trouble” and listen.   God used this sermon to once again teach me to repent (change my mind on how I look at things) and trust in Him.   Babylon isn’t only a physical location in the Mideast, but a spiritual system that opposes God and his people.  I have left Babylon…



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The more things change the more ……..

they stay the same.

For more than a year now we have been looking for a church that we can call ‘home’.

For a short period of time we attended a large Baptist Church but they began teaching our children that the Holy Spirit doesn’t move or heal today and that it died out with the Apostles.  So we then moved to a non denominational church in Olathe and while they had spirit it wasn’t the Spirit we were looking for.  They brought the “anointing” of Todd Bentley back from Florida and even after a one-on-one meeting with the pastor they refused to see the heresy and demonic spirit in Bentley.   Time has shown that the Spirit guided us in this as Bentley has since been shown to be a fraud and charlatan.   Unfortunately it shouldn’t take time to see what was evident.  For instance,  it is so clearly forbidden in the Word to astral project and talk with dead people.

So we moved on to another “nonnie” in Overland Park.  The pastor took a personal interest in us and denounced Bently and IHOP teachings.  “GREAT!” we thought to ourselves.  But soon disturbing things began to pop up.  Dee went to her first womens bible study.  Did they study the bible?  Not at all.  The conversation was dominated by talk of Todd Bently and the Kansas City Prophets.   We consoled outselves with the assurance that the pastor didn’t believe or teach heresy.  Then I attended a Rick Snow conference at the church.  I couldn’t even stay to the end of the morning session.  He was speaking so much doom and gloom and sin that I knew he was not of God.  Dee tried to attend a couple more womens bible studies, each was the same.  Todd Bentley and Prophets.  Everything was hyper-spiritual.  If your cat sneezes it is God speaking to you, you better listen!!.  Hogwash!

Now, for a month, our church has been preparing us for Dick Iverson.  I had heard the pastor speak of him before but hadn’t paid much attention.  Now I have done some research and am greatly concerned.  Iverson is considered an Apostle.  That’s right.  Right up there with Paul and Peter.  God speaks to him and he, Iverson, brings the teachings to pastors and church leaders.  What happened to I Corinthians 4:9?  I have Christ in me!  I don’t need an “Apostle” or “Prophet” to tell me what is right or wrong.   Apostle tells us what is on the heart of God at that very moment.  They have authority above scripture as they are current truth from God.  You can’t question the apostle because you just aren’t tuned into what God is doing.  You are then considered the apostate.

1 Cor. 4:6  “You may learn in us not to think beyond what is written. ”  The Apostle Paul.

Must go to work, more to follow.  We are now looking again for a Bible believing church.  One that wouldn’t kick the Apostle Paul out!  lol


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Our 2 grandbabys


Picture of Adara, 3, and Warren 5-weeks.

I love you guys!!

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